Ce qu’on a fait cet été

Cet été est bien étrange. Malgré tout, nous espérons que vous êtes tous sains et saufs, que vous prenez soin de vous, et que vous profitez de l’été comme vous le pouvez ! Nous avons déjà accompli beaucoup au cours des dernières semaines, et cet article de blog est un rappel de ces évènements. On espère des temps meilleurs avec plus de formations en écologie computationnelle et des appels communautaires!

Blog: A Journey with Data Trekkers

Story of an internship by Gracielle Higino, Gabriel Dansereau and Francis Banville

Back in 2019, which feels like decades ago, we started a humble project in the Poisot lab which we called Code Hour. The goal was to set weekly hours to practice Julia, since we were all learning to use it and we could greatly benefit from each other’s help and encouragement. The project went well (although we frequently ended up spending much more than one hour). It « spilled » out of our lab and found enthusiasm at IVADO, who already had plans to promote a challenge in which participants would make a commitment to code for 100 days. That’s when our internship was born.

The time I talked about data bias at the BES annual meeting – Gracielle Higino

For someone who started the year of 2019 not quite believing in my own research, being in an international conference in December showcasing my latest results and making people intrigued by what I’ve found was a huge leap.