The time I talked about data bias at the BES annual meeting – Gracielle Higino

For someone who started the year of 2019 not quite believing in my own research, being in an international conference in December showcasing my latest results and making people intrigued by what I’ve found was a huge leap.

Présentation de Mona Parizadeh

Mona Parizadeh, une stagiaire du programme BIOS2 en 2018-2019, a présenté une affiche au congrès conjoint de la SCEE, du CES et du SEA 2019 à Fredericton (NB). Voici un résumé de sa présentation :

Monitoring the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on the phyllosphere and soil bacterial communities in a three-year soybean and corn rotation. Parizadeh, M., B. Mimee, S. W. Kembel. 2019. See poster.