BIOS2 offers two main types of training modules :

The first type of training activities are training packages inspired by the success story of R workshops offered by the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science. BIOS2 is creating a set of training packages that will be offered across participating institutions. Each co-applicant should develop the material for a 15-hour training session, plus laboratories. 

Once created, fellows with the appropriate qualifications will be asked to teach the package, with direct support from the responsible co-applicant. This will ensure that training sessions are not restricted to the institution of the co-applicant, and will foster student empowerment and development of communication skills.

The second type of modules are one-time training courses and workshops developed and run by academic members, collaborators and external guests. These activities can vary in length and subject.

Financial support and resources :

  • The training events are free for the BIOS² fellows and external members, but there will be a nominal fee for non-BIOS² people.
  • Fellow travel grants can be used to pay for transportation to assist any BIOStraining activity. 
  • Fellows delivering training packages will be offered a prize (TBD) for each activity.
  • When possible, that training resources will be available online and available here.

Application process :

The training modules will be announced on the website and compile in the event calendar. The application process will be described for each activity.

Photo: Markus Spiske | Unsplash