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General forms

Travel Grant
When you need to use part or all of your communication / travel grant, you must complete this online form which will allow us to request the payment of your grant and keep your file up to date. More info here:

Publications and communications
We ask you to send us the complete reference in APA for each oral (participation in symposia or congresses) and written (articles published or submitted, other manuscripts) communications carried out during your funding period or membership in BIOS².

Activity Report
For each activity in which you take part, you must complete a very short online form that allows us to keep your file up to date.

Documents and forms for internship program

More info here:

Internship Proposal/Agreement
Fellow must submit a completed Internship Protocol before the starting date of the internship. This document works first as a proposal. Once approved by all parties involved, it may serve as a protocol of agreement for the internship.

Internship Report
After the completion of the internship, fellows must send a completed Internship Report to the BIOS² coordination team. 

Partner Advertisement Form 
Partners who want to propose an internship should use the avertissement  internship form.

Travel Grant
The BIOS² travel grant can be used to pay for transportation and living costs during the time of the internship. To have access to it, you must fill in this form.

If you need any additional guidance about internship,  contact us


We would love to include, in the BIOS² website, little articles and visual material about activities / training / experiences of BIOS² people. Please, send us short summaries / blog post / pictures / figures of what you’ve done!

Personal Information and Privacy Notice

Every fellow must read the CREATE NSERC Privacy Notice. As a CREATE participant, we need to collect data about you. If you don’t agree with it, please let me know by email at: