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The management team of the BIOS2 program is composed of two members, a scientific director and a training director. The scientific director is Dominique Gravel, professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Sherbrooke. The training director is Timothée Poisot, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Montréal.

Training Committee (TC)

This committee is responsible for determining and updating the training program activities, and deciding on the strategic orientations of the training and science programs.

Advisory Program Committee (APC)

The Advisory program committee (APC) mandate is to guide the strategic direction of the CREATE training program. This committee is chaired by a co-applicant (non-voting) with experience in a CREATE program, who is in charge of planning and leading the meetings. The committee includes representatives of the administration of a participating institution, a representative of a private supporting organizations and of a government, a trainee of the program and an external researcher. The APC meets twice a year, evaluate the program and advise the Training Committee (TC) for the following year.

The purpose of the APC is to challenge the co-appliquants to be innovative in establishing their training activities and to advise the core team of strategic orientations of the training program. It also provides input and guidance to conduct the evaluation of the training program.

The APC include a range of stakeholders relevant to the objectives of the training program. Members of BIOS2 core team can participate in this committee as a non-voting member only.  We put a particular attention to establish a diverse and inclusive composition on the committee. 

The term of the membership is 2 years renewable for 1 year. 

Selection Committee (SC)

The Selection Committee (SC) is composed of a chair (a co-applicant or the Program Coordinator), two co-applicants, and one partner. Its main tasks are to select the trainees for the program and document the process. The SC meets once a year for selection after the main call for trainees, select students for other program activities, and is in charge of adjusting the selection process according to the number of applications received.

All members are invited to participate in the selection committee. The members of the selection committee will have a 2-year mandate and half of the committee would be renewed every year.

2021-2022 Selection Committee

  • Timothée Poisot (Chair, non-voting member)
  • Katherine Hébert (BIOS2 Fellow)
  • Norma R. Forero-Muñoz (BIOS2 Fellow)
  • Joël Bety (co-PI)
  • Erin Bayne (co-PI)
  • Steven Kembel (co-PI)
  • Marie-Josée Fortin (academic member)
  • Eric Pedersen (academic member)
  • Chloé Debyser (external member, data analyst at WCSC)

2020-2021 Selection Committee

  • Erin Bayne (co-PI, University of Alberta)
  • Anne Bruneau (co-PI, UdeM)
  • Kim Gauthier Schampaert (BIOS² Training Coordinator – non-voting member)
  • Monica Granados (external, ECCC)
  • Gracielle Higino (BIOS² Fellow)
  • Steven Kembel (co-PI, UQAM)
  • Philippe Marchand (academic member, UQAT)
  • Nathalie Piedboeuf (external, G3E)
  • Timothée Poisot (co-PI, UdeM – chair of the committee and non-voting member)

2019-2020 Selection Committee

  • Anne Bruneau (co-PI, UdeM)
  • Katherine Hébert (BIOS² Fellow)
  • Éliane Duchesne (alumni)
  • Monica Granados (external, ECCC)
  • Andrew MacDonald (BIOS² Training Coordinator)
  • James Macklin (external, AAC)
  • Pedro Neto-Peres (co-PI, Concordia)
  • Sally Otto (co-PI, UBC)
  • Timothée Poisot (co-PI, UdeM)

2018-2019 Selection Committee

  • Anne Bruneau (co-PI, UdeM)
  • Monica Granados (externe, ECCC)
  • Andrew MacDonald (BIOS² coordination)
  • Pedro Peres-Neto (co-PI, Concordia)
  • Sally Otto (co-PI, UBC)
  • Jean-Pierre Ricard (externe, WSP)
  • Timothée Poisot (co-PI, UdeM)