Synthesis groups bring together fellows, researchers and collaborators with the objective of developing synthesis ability and collaborative skills among students and to gain experience and skills to operate in a working group format. Students, academic members or collaborators will be invited to propose and run workshops on issues that are relevant to partners. Priority will be given to projects related to pressing scientific questions for partners and using open data and tools.

Each working group is composed of up to 7 fellows, 1 co-applicant researcher, 1 collaborator and 1 invited international researcher widely recognized for its expertise in the area of interest. 

Maximum value of financial support: 

  • $5.000 per working group (will be administered by the BIOS² co-applicant).
  • BIOS2 will fund 1 synthesis group per year. 

Application process:

  • A call for propositions for synthesis groups will be announced during the fall each year. The call for applications will be diffused through our mailing lists and and posted on the website.
  • The selection is based on the above objectives and applications must respect the program rules for diversity and equity.

Photo: Startae | Unsplash