Photo: Timothée Poisot

Mentoring for Undergraduate Students

We will support undergraduate fellows because computational skills are best acquired early in training. Undergraduate fellows will be mentored by a graduate fellow, allowing the latter trainees to develop communication, training and other soft skills valuable in the work place. Graduate fellows will be responsible for recruiting undergrad fellows, supervise and evaluate their internship.

Continuous Training

Improving computational literacy among ecologists requires to reach employees already in the workplace. Currently, no training program in Canada offers continuing education for professionals to keep up to date with modern technologies in biodiversity science. 

BIOS2 offers them the opportunity to attend summer schools, training packages, working groups and problem solving workshops. The active participation of partners through their employees at our activities will ensure immediate feedback, so that we can meet their needs as well as enhance the skills of regular fellows to communicate and collaborate with researchers from a diverse array of sectors.