BIOS² workshop on Science for Decision Support – Scientific Advice

Event postponed.

BIOS² is organizing a training session about Science for Decision Support – Scientific Advice. This online training will be facilitated by Pr. Philippe Archambault (Laval University), in November 2021 and a future date in winter 2022.

The purpose of this training is to introduce and understand the evaluation process conducted by the Canadian Science Advice Secretariat (CSAS). The CSAS coordinates the peer review of scientific issues and the provision of scientific advice to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. CSAS publishes the Ministry’s scientific advice and information on issues such as fish stock dynamics, species at risk, invasive species, marine and freshwater ecosystem ecology, marine protected areas and aquaculture. The training will be conducted through role-playing, using the CSAS process, where scenarios will be presented to you.  You will be assigned roles (e.g. manager, scientist, fisherman, etc.) to carry out the process.

This training of approximately 10 hours will take place in 3 periods: The first two periods on November 17 and 18 (2021) from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST and a date will be added for winter 2022. The training will be conducted in English with bilingual support and question period.

The training will include readings, discussions, presentations and debates in a roleplay context.

The workshop will be led by Philippe Archambault, Professor in Biological Oceanography at Laval University, Scientific Co-Director of the Network of Centres of Excellence ArcticNet and BIOS² academic member. His research focuses on the consequences of anthropogenic and natural disturbances on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

The workshop has a maximum capacity of 12 participants and priority will be given to BIOS2 program members.
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Photo credit: Jude Mack on Unsplash