BIOS2 Workshop: an (un)reproducibility detox

Postponed to a later date. Stay tuned.

It’s renovation season and there’s no better time to revisit the way we do research!

Hosted by BIOS2, this 7-day spa-like detox routine will make you question and re-organize your routine for better productivity and reproducibility of your AMAZING science. Come learn together about trust in open science, open project design, version control, virtual environment and more!

This reproductibility workshop will run from July 4 to July 10 2021, with more offline activities and less expositive tutorials. 100% fun activities that don’t feel like work!

Tentative schedule:

  • July 4 (Sunday): broad reflections and tasks to prepare (offline) for the first session
  • July 5 to 9 (Monday to Friday) : Short training sessions (30 minuts to 1h) @ 1pm EDT.
  • July 10 (Saturday): Offline short wrap-up activity

There will be a virtual co-working room open each day from 1-3 pm and Gracielle will be online to answer questions and help with your project.
The activities will be proposed in English with bilingual support throughout.

This workshop will be led by BIOS2 Alumni Gracielle Higino, and friends (Tanya Strydom and Andrew MacDonald).

To register, please fill out this short form:
Registrations will be accepted until July 3.