Training: Making websites with HUGO

BIOS2 is hosting a workshop about making websites with HUGO. Pr. Dominique Gravel (Canada Research Chair in Integrative Ecology and Director of BIOS2) and Dr. Guillaume Larocque (Research professional at Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science) will lead this training session on December 7 – 8 2020 from 1 to 3 PM (EST).

This workshop will provide a general introduction to HUGO, a popular open source framework for building websites without requiring a knowledge of HTML/CSS or web programming. HUGO is especially convenient for developing websites for laboratories and researchers, for personal pages or to showcase a particular project. During the first day of the workshop, we will cover the general concepts behind HUGO and will use an existing website template to demonstrate the most important features. The second day will focus on customizing the website and adapting the template for particular situations. Practical exercises will be given throughout the workshop to help students use HUGO on their own computers. Participants should be able to start developing their own website after participating in this workshop.

Participants are expected to install HUGO on their personal computers before the workshop by following instructions available here:

Prior knowledge of Git/Github and Markdown can be useful but is not mandatory.

English workshop with bilingual support and question period.

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