Louis Moisan
PhD Candidate

Canada Research Chair in Northern Biodiversity
Department of biology, chemistry and geography
University of Québec at Rimouski

Supervised by Joël Bêty and Dominique Gravel

Characterizing the connectivity of an Arctic food web with the rest of the world through animal migration: the case of Bylot Island.​

The anthropic and environmental pressures acting on migratory species are multiple and can act during several periods of their life cycle and in remote environments. Considering that the proportion of migratory species increase with latitude, polar environments are probably subject to a greater influence of migratory species on the dynamics of local ecosystems. It is well recognized that Arctic-breeding birds frequently travel great distances, however the connectivity between Arctic ecosystems, wintering areas and migratory stopovers to which they are connected remains very little detailed. The main objective of this study will be to develop a detailed methodology to define the connectivity of the Arctic tundra of Bylot Island (Nunavut, Canada) with the rest of the world through a global animal migration network.​RépondreTransférer