trees and shrubs in front of glass buildings

Department of Science and Technology
Université du Québec, TÉLUQ

Center for Forest Research
Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science

Email : elise.filotas@teluq.ca
Personal website : elisefilotas.ca


  • Complex systems science
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Theoretical ecology
  • Sustainable forest management

Research interests

I am interested in applying concepts and tools from complex systems science to study forest ecosystems. In particular, my research activities focus on developing theoretical and applied models to determine the relationships between biodiversity patterns at different spatial, temporal and organisational scales and landscape transformations in forest ecosystems.

My research program overlaps with fields of community and landscape ecology and aims at identifying novel management strategies that improve the capacity of forests to adapt to new conditions in order to maintain their production of ecosystem services. It covers three main topics: (1) the effect of forest management activities on habitat connectivity and biodiversity, (2) the effect of climate change and landscape transformation on extent, severity and periodicity of forest natural disturbances and (3) the elaboration of forest management strategies that optimize trade-offs between multiple forest ecosystem services.