trees and shrubs in front of glass buildings

Department of Biology
McGill University

Liber Ero Chair in Conservation Biology
Killam Fellow
Founding director of the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science
Co-founder of Eco2Urb (

Email : andrew.gonzalez@mcgill
Personal website :


  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Rapid evolution
  • Theory
  • Experiments (lab and field)
  • Habitat fragmentation

Research interests

Our research is focused on the causes and consequences of biodiversity change. We combine theory and experiments to study how populations and communities evolve in response to pollution, habitat fragmentation and climate change. We have developed models of how food webs assemble/disassemble in patchy and changing landscapes and revealed how ecosystem processes are modified by loss of connectivity. We also study the values of biodiversity to human society and the many benefits we get from healthy ecosystems. We translate our research into knowledge for conservation action through the design of connected protected areas.