Photo: Alex Guillaume | Unsplash

Developing a culture of computational biodiversity science requires an integrated training environment that will generate a strong sense of affiliation among students, researchers and partners. Our motivation with this training program is to recruit the best students and provide them with a novel and stimulating training environment so they could grow as researchers and professionnals. We welcome everyone who is committed to improve training with numerical methods, ready to participate to our activities and engage in collaborative research.

Fellows: Any graduate student supervised or co-supervised by an academic member can be fellow of the program. Undergraduate students and post-doctoral researches are also welcome to participate to the program.

Academic members: Any permanent researchers from a Canadian academic institution can be member of the training program. 

Collaborative members: All collaborators from non-academic institutions could become collaborative members. 

Guest participants: Any student or professional motivated by the use of computational tools for open biodiversity science is welcome to participate to the program.